The big idea about poverty

Poverty is not an issue to those who are poor.

It is a daily fact of life.

The quality of life of those who are poor is far less than those who are well off financially.

The adverse effects of being poor are easily recognizable to anyone who would like to know.

There are those who simply prefer not to.

It is far easier to ignore the hardships and human misery and suffering.

Those who are well off shield themselves from knowing.

Being poor is widespread and shared by a large majority of the world. On the other hand there is unprecedented wealth and affluence.

How is it possible both realities can exist at the same time?

Yes there has always been poverty, as if to say poverty is inevitable. There is nothing to be done. The poor somehow deserve to be poor for that is their lot in life.

Those who are well off have an obligation, a responsibility, to help lift those who are poor.

How is it possible to continually improve the life of those who are well off and need very little while ignoring those who are struggling to survive?

Do the lives of the well off have more value?

Do they deserve more than those less fortunate?

How can it be justified to live in homes far better and bigger than is needed, own multiple properties and vehicles while there are people living in shacks and rummaging through garbage to feed their families?

It is insufficient to feel guilty and do nothing.

It is far easier to justify comfort and luxury and do nothing.

Not knowing what to do and how to help is a beginning.

Do something.