Poverty and Communication

Is there a connection between poverty and communication?

The link between communication either good or poor and poverty is extremely strong and important. Communication both promotes eradicating or exasperating poverty.

Therefore learn to communicate well. Avoid poor communication.

Start with a fundamental respect for and appreciation of the intrinsic value of persons. Every person matters. Not just their potential or giftedness or performance value, not just their usefulness of utilitarian value but their value solely as a creation of their Maker. Created in the image of God, every person has value and deserves respect.

All good communication flows from this fundamental understanding and commitment.

Communication involves words but is more an interactive process of understanding meanings. Therefore fundamentally it is dialogical in nature. Listening ensures value and meaning validation. To communicate well one must learn to listen well.

The greatest hinderence to good communication is premature and unrecognized and undeserved negative judgments.

Another way of describing this is called the fundamental attribution error. This is when I as a perceiver overreact and assign too much responsibility and intentionality to someone else with whom I am communicating. This very subjective process is the source of many mistaken and negative views of the other person which in turn results in less than accurate communication.

Managing expectations is key. Expectations govern how we perceive and respond to others. Without a clear understanding of expectations communication breaks down and relationships destroyed. With appropriate and fair expectations communication problems and misunderstandings can be greatly alleviated.

We seek to help others learn to maximize good communication and minimize poor communication.

Helping others to communicate better and more accurately opens doors to escape a life of poverty and dependence.