Christmas Letter 2018

Christmas Letter 2018

This has been a remarkable year.

Backing up a bit, I came back from Peru last time to find out, after seventeen years, that I no longer had a school bus position. For the first time ever there were too many drivers.

God provided marvelously as I had opportunity to drive bus in Ontario and Alberta.

At the beginning of the year I changed companies and soon had a regular run.

Bob and Laura Christmas 2018

Plans began to bring Laura to Canada.

We needed to supply financial statements, itinerary and letters of invitation and recommendation. Our efforts were rewarded with a three-year, multiple entry visa.

In April a friend offered me a painting job that enabled me to buy a car and bring Laura here.

Finally in June, Laura arrived in Saskatoon, her first time in Canada.

We drove to Banff. On the way I had to take picture after picture of the prairies. She loved it. At one point we passed a mileage sign 500 kilometers to Calgary. Laura asked how long that would take. “About five hours,” I said. “Impossible” she replied. In Peru maybe but not in Canada. Imagine the delight when Laura saw the Rocky Mountains for the first time.

We spent a week in Lethbridge catching up with a friend and board member, Garry and his wife Joyce.

Back in Saskatoon more painting all summer and into the fall. More school bus driving.

Laura and I visited supporters and she got to thank everyone for all their help for Peru. If we missed you, please know we are grateful for everyone that is helping us with our work.

We did several displays raising funds for our mission and for One Special Night Christmas Eve dinners.

During the fall any spare time I had was spent working on a new “Wordpress” website. A steep learning curve to be sure. It is a work in progress, just like our mission, just like our lives.

One day Laura and I were talking about Peru and future mission plans. We began to talk about the need for blood services in Peru. We visited the blood service here in Saskatoon and learned as much as possible. In Peru patients are responsible to provide their own blood. You cannot imagine the difficulty and problems this entails. Now imagine if you come to Lima from the Andes or Jungle and cannot speak the language and have no family or friends to recruit as donors and no funds to purchase blood.

Speaking of plans, we obtained a marriage license the second day Laura was here. After three failed attempts to do this in Peru it looked like everything was a go. I double checked with the government office here about visa requirements and was again disappointed to find out that a future visa renewal would be in jeopardy as our current visa was based on mission work. Four times at bat and strike four. We made the difficult decision to postpone our plans once again.

Now as we prepare to head back to Peru please keep us in your hearts and in your prayers. We face huge challenges and uncertainties. We know however that there is a God above we can trust and not be afraid.

We trust that this Christmas and New Year will be remarkable for you and you will be truly blessed.

Bob and Laura