Courage to Care

Not enough time

Not enough time… Friends of ours and friends of Peru… May 29, 2019 It was a typical day in the morning. I have been in Peru five months with one more month to go. How will I ever get everything done? I arrived back in Peru two days after Laura end of December 2018. SO…
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Time for an office

Hi friends of Bob and Laura and Chocolate Bar Mission: We are excited. We have long awaited and looked for a base, a home base for Chocolate Bar Mission. Traveling back and forth between Peru and Canada has not been easy. Things get lost or broken in storage. Roots can never be put down. Now…
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One Special Night

Since 2006 thousands of Christmas dinners have been cooked and served to the homeless and disadvantaged in Peru. We are counting on your help once again to pay for all this. How many people have a Christmas dinner depends in part by what you do right now. To donate click here. Thank you for your donation

Christmas Letter 2018

Christmas Letter 2018 This has been a remarkable year. Backing up a bit, I came back from Peru last time to find out, after seventeen years, that I no longer had a school bus position. For the first time ever there were too many drivers. God provided marvelously as I had opportunity to drive bus…
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Laura Comes to Canada

Laura comes to Canada After more than twelve years Laura is finally here. We are very thankful for the letters of support we received in applying for a visa for Laura to come to Canada. We hoped for a three month visa and instead received a three year visa with multiple entries with up to…
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