Water for Life Filter System

In 2007 Laura and I went to San Ramon and Santa Ana, Peru because these towns had experienced a devastating flood. We stayed six months helping out wherever we could.

 One day I was asked to bring drinking water up from the river where I just saw animals lurking and clothes being cleaned. With two five gallon buckets in hand I thought to myself: “What are you doing Bob? You are killing these people.” I knew they needed to drink water but doing so meant more harm than good but what other choice was there?

I realized that day how important it was to find a way to provide clean drinking water.

We found a ceramic water filter online. It had amazing claims such as 99.8% effectiveness. We were able to purchase a few and test them out. Everywhere people instantly saw and wanted one. However, there was still one problem. The filter worked well but it was small, slow and needed to be constantly reloaded. Something more needed to be done. Something where only a tap needed to be opened.

We developed a bucket system connected together with a float valve which would automatically open and close the water coming in. All that was necessary was to custom install plumbing to the system.

Now up to 68 liters of clean drinking water were available every day.

Clean drinking water is vital for daily health and life.

It enables families to avoid costly and deadly illnesses as well as enabling school and work. It is in fact one of the most basic and important interventions in dealing with poverty.

So we are asking for your support. We assemble, distribute and install these filters but not free of charge. With your subsidy life can be a lot better for the people in Peru who drink water that is dirty and deadly. God bless you.

Go to our link GET INVOLVED to get involved. Thank you.