Time for an office

Hi friends of Bob and Laura and Chocolate Bar Mission:

We are excited. We have long awaited and looked for a base, a home base for Chocolate Bar Mission. Traveling back and forth between Peru and Canada has not been easy. Things get lost or broken in storage. Roots can never be put down. Now we have the opportunity to establish a legal address in Peru.

With a legal office presence we gain credibility. We are open for business. We need to have a place for our projects, to host meetings, for visitors to come, for government and other officials to recognize we are here long term.

We need support in order to make this commitment. Will you help us?

Please let us know what you can do.

Money for rent, utilities and furnishings are what we need right now. Will you help us?

A one time donation or monthly support will enable us to move forward and expand our mission to help Peruvians in need escape a life of poverty and dependence.

It is a massive undertaking.

Laura and I are ready. We have ministered to hundreds of people and saved many lives. Many have come into God’s Kingdom.

We want to do more but we need a base. It’s time.

Do you have some time right now to go to our website?

Simply go to www.ChocolateBarMission.org and help us make a difference here in Peru.

Thank you.

Bob and Laura