Poverty and Faith

With faith there is a richness and fullness to life that cannot be measured.

There is a confidence and contentment that comes with faith that gives acceptance and assurance for the present and for the future.

We all have faith to some degree, faith in something to some degree. Everyone places their trust in something. Our faith might be in ourselves, in our bank account or in our education. Perhaps our faith is in science, our jobs, our government.

Faith is so much a part of everyday life we may not even realize it. We trust others to drive on the correct side of the road and to stop at red lights. We buy goods or services expecting to get what we paid for. Sitting on a chair or flying on an airplane requires faith.

To live each moment is an act of faith. Facing the future by definition is an act of faith. No one can predict what comes next with !00% accuracy. We move forward with an expectation.

Our faith may be unexamined and unintentional. The question to be answered is on what do I place my trust? If it is impossible to live without faith, on what am I placing my faith?

Faith has a subjective and an objective component.

I believe. I have faith. My faith is subjective, based on an inner reality.  My faith, though subjective and personal, is not wishful or positive thinking Faith must be connected to some outer or external reality. I can be sincere in my faith but be greatly mistaken if my faith is not based on truth or some objective reality.

I cannot live without faith. Trusting others begins with life and continues throughout life.  Along the way there are many occasions for disappointment and even disillusionment. One searches for more and better reasons to continue to have faith or possibly to deny all faith though that is in reality an impossibility.

There is a greater reality outside of oneself that transcends personal experience. Herein my personal faith seeks to connect with something bigger, something greater.

Thus my faith is based on an objective reality, a truth of One who exists outside of time and space who is Himself the Source of all faith. In the Christian tradition there is Jesus who came into our world as God in the flesh, died and rose again.

This faith provides daily strength to meet any problem and face every challenge. This faith provides a continuing source of encouragement and endurance to continue. Hardship is faced with contentment and inner resilience. Poverty may be unavoidable but it is not inevitable. Over time circumstances change and poverty’s ill effects lessened.

Nothing else is as fundamental or as powerful as faith.