Our Mission

We are dedicated to helping Peruvians escape a life of poverty and dependence.

Our Focus

  • Emergency Relief

  • Community Development

  • Church Support

Our Projects

One Special Night: Christmas Eve dinners for homeless and disadvantaged people

Water for Life Filters: Clean, drinking water for schools, hospitals, homes etc

In Development

Safe Cooking Solar Ovens: Small, portable sun ovens for cooking and baking

Laura’s Homes of New Beginnings: Transition shelters for various population groups needing help and recovery

Foundation Seminars: Leadership development courses for community leaders

Our Values

Every person has infinite and intrinsic worth.

Poverty is man made and needs to be addressed both in terms of effects and root causes,

Poverty is not only a lack of financial resources but includes cultural, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual disadvantages.

We are responsible and accountable for the use of our time, resources and possessions. As stewards both little things and big things matter. We use all things for the glory of God.