Not enough time

Not enough time…

Friends of ours and friends of Peru…

May 29, 2019

It was a typical day in the morning. I have been in Peru five months with one more month to go. How will I ever get everything done?

I arrived back in Peru two days after Laura end of December 2018.

SO excited to be there and so excited for all that lay ahead. Several projects were in the making. Water Filter System, Blood Service Project, Renovations for Laura’s Homes of New Beginnings.

Everything takes time in Peru and usually longer than expected. I had lots of time or so I thought.

Then came the sudden chest pains and I was rushed to hospital.

Laura came and we were confronted with the biggest challenge and decision to date. I neeeded treatment immediately, either surgery (very, very expensive) or drugs which may or may not work to unblock the clogged arteries in my heart. Decide now, we were told.

We went with the cheaper option and thank God the drugs worked. I spent 10 days in the public hospital there and a couple weeks at home before returning to Canada and immediately was admitted to Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon. Tests were done. The operation proposed in Peru would not have worked as three arteries were more than 90% clogged. By pass surgery was necessary but not for six weeks. At the time of writing I have another 5 weeks to wait.

How do I feel about all this?

First of all I am thankful. I am thankful to be alive and now relish every moment.

God spared my life and I hope to use this time to continue helping the people of Peru in our mission. For years now I have been slowly and quietly researching five leadership development seminars designed with helping Peruvians escape a life of poverty and dependence. I finally have time.

I spent a lot of time working on the water filter system.

This has taken years of research and patent applications. How I wish one great idea could happen quickly. Now I have everything ready; tools, parts, video training videos,, workshop and storage: the infrastructure is set to go. All I need is the patent number and distributors who will who will get on board and help get this filter system out there to the people who lack clean drinking water. It all takes time but time is not always enough. Now I need help, alot of help.

When Laura was in Canada last year she was contacted by a lady who needed blood, blood she could not afford. Laura has for years helped cancer and children needing blood at the national hospitals. People come to Lima needing diagnosis and treatment but return home to die unless they can afford to buy blood or obtain blood from friends or family. How sad in this world that what we take for granted is a source of heartache and tragedy for impoverished people. Is there not something we can do? Of course there is.

How much time do you have? How are you spending your time?

When you come to face the end of your time here in this world are you ready?

In a quiet moment in a hospital bathroom I sobbed and asked God for more time. I was ready to go but I wanted to live. All I heard deep in my heart was, " I’m here."

I have spend years in ministry, in school, in work and life preparing myself to be used of God and make an impact for God’s Kingdom and His people. Now I only want to do more and fulfil the mission God has given me. I have no time to waste.

Maybe now you can see how much it means to Laura and I do be able to serve together and help the people of Peru escape a life of poverty and dependence. Maybe now you will help before it is too late. Now is the time my friends. Now is the time.

Help us Start a Blood Service in Peru