About Us

Our Story

We started with a dream and a question in 2006. How can we reach people on the streets of Lima? We saw people in need and wanted to help. What better time and way than offering a Christmas Eve dinner? So the first year we fed 150 people, then 350 and then 750 and so on. In the meantime we proposed and negotiated with the Canadian government to obtain Charity Status. It took 4 plus years but finally in 2010 we officially became known as Chocolate Bar Mission, a registered Canadian non profit charity # 81579 3815 RR 0001.

Laura Lozano, Peruvian Director

She is a missionary, a mom, a grandma, a nurse, a mobilizer, an activist, a funeral director, a blood recruiter, a problem solver, the list could go on and on. She has no fear. She is always ready to help. She is tireless in reaching out to others and teaching her brothers and sisters how to know God and have a better life.

Bob (Roberto) Hutchings, Canadian Director

Born in Ottawa, Bob is from Saskatoon.  On a trip to Peru in 2006 Bob met Laura and saw in person for the first time a wonderful people coping every day with unimaginable conditions of poverty. With a changed heart and a new purpose and direction dozens of ideas came how to help. In 2007 Bob want back to help flood victims in Peru and spent 6 months living in the Jungle. A 3 page proposal to the Canadian government turned into a 48 page research paper outlining 5 projects specifically designed for Peru.